Thank you very much for your inspection report. The report was easy for me to
understand, clearly identifying specific areas of the home needing attention. I felt your
inspection was thorough and comprehensive. It would be nice if all service providers
were as conscientious and dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional
commitment as you. As a first time home buyer your obvious dedication, care, and
professionalism completely put my mind at ease. I was confident I could trust you to
accurately gather all the necessary information to help me and my lender have a
comprehensive representation of this property.
Sutton, NH

Thanks very much Scott.  I appreciate your flexibility in scheduling this inspection so
close to the holiday as well as your thoroughness.  I’ve had several home inspections
in past real estate transactions, and though acceptable, no inspector has performed
their duties with the attention to detail that you have.  I’ll be recommending you to
anyone (in fact I have already) who asks if I know a good home inspector.
Sterling, MA
Hi Scott

Thank you very much for your thorough report on the house. It is good to know about
the moisture issue and the electrical concerns.  No house is perfect, we know, and we
certainly appreciate your professionalism.
Stan and Cheryl
Toronto, Canada

Scott we received the home inspection report and can only say thank you for your time
and energy spent on our inspection.  We have never bought a house or had
knowledge of home inspections and your report is so precise and easy to read.  We
really thank you again. Should this deal not go through for us you can be sure we will
call on you again, same for anyone we run into needing a home inspection, we will
send your way. I know that the realtor’s on site where a little thrown off by your time
spent on the job but I don’t care and I am sure you don’t either. I think they were a bit
ticked that I didn’t use any of the people they recommended. Oh well, it is our right to
choose. Thank you.
Sharon, MA

Scott, it was a pleasure doing business with you during the recent purchase of my
home in Newbury.  You were the only company who returned my phone calls & e-mail!
Best of all was meeting you in person and the time you took to explain things I never
even thought of.  The grand finale was the orderly and detailed written report you sent
to me as promised, on schedule.  I was most impressed by the color digital photos and
the prioritizing of items with helpful repair suggestions.  Please feel free to use me as a
reference in the future, I have already passed on your contact information to others
looking for your services, respectfully.
Manchester, MA
Dear Scott,

Thanks for great job you did and the super quick results.  I have the utmost respect for
Clear view Home Inspections.  You did a thorough job and seemed to be genuinely
sincere and thoughtful in what you do.  Everything was well explained to me and I really
appreciate the job you did for me.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I
know will be buying a house in the area.

Thanks again,
Dave & Chris
Canton, CT

Thank you so much for all your hard work. You gave us a great impression and you
showed that you cared about what you were doing. Thank you again. I will give your
name to EVERYONE I know!
Thetford, VT

I wanted to say thank you for your exceptional service. Your attention
to detail and professionalism were far beyond my expectations. Your
concise report is outstanding. It was prompt, easy to understand and
just what we needed to move forward with our house.
Our experience with you is both fortunate and unfortunate. Unfortunate
because we will only need your service very few times in our lifetime.
Fortunate for the same reason…it is one of the biggest decisions we
will make in our lives, one made very few times and not lightly. It is
very reassuring to know that we got the best inspector to aid in that
huge decision. Buying a house can be very overwhelming, but thanks to
you this part was stress free.

Thanks again,
Salisbury, NH

“Clear View Home Inspections, LLC is an outstanding business.  From the time you
enter the website, to the day your report arrives in your inbox, you undoubtedly feel
confident that you chose the right company to do your inspection.
As a 1st time home buyer, this alone puts your mind at ease.
The walk thru was very informative, as they explain to you everything that is being
looked at so you’ll have first hand knowledge of the critical, as well as minor, problem
areas.  The resulting reports are great and concise.  You’ll receive color coded
descriptions to make it easier to quickly locate the critical problems areas, as well as
colored pictures to keep and view to make it easier to visualize and decipher locations.
Relations with the home inspector were comfortable and professional throughout the
whole process, with emphasis that this company is here for you whenever you have a
question in the future about anything covered in the report.  Trust me…I just called 2
weeks after the fact with questions and was taken care of without hesitation.  I’m now
left with confidence that I can call in the future and get good sound advice from
someone who knows what they’re talking about.  By choosing this company-you can’t
Contoocook, NH Home Buyer

We were thoroughly impressed with the very detailed report that Scott prepared for us
prior to the purchase of our home.  The inspection was extremely thorough and it even
included photos of any problem areas.  He took the time to answer any and all
questions that we had and even came back after, when we had yet another question.
We would highly recommend Clear View Home Inspections to anyone who needs a
home inspection.
J.P. and Anna Marie New London, NH

I am very pleased to share my experience with Clear View and Scott Falvey.  I engaged
them to inspect a home for purchase nd my existing home to sell.  I found Scott to be
extremely thorough and professional.  He was very responsive nd a pleasure to work
I will engage the company again when the need arises.
Chris, New London

Thank you for your thorough and well-informed home inspection.
Your attention to detail and photos gave us a “clear view” of the home we
were trying to purchase.  Although our purchase did not go through, we were
very fortunate to have your expertise which allowed us to make a wise
We intend to purchase a home in the area and will be seeking your professional
services once again.
Bob, Duxberry, MA

Thank you so much for your prompt, professional and thorough inspection of our
cottage.  It is comforting to know that someone with your experience can identify and
report potential problems prior to our closing as well as offer us continued support
going forward.

We feel comfortable recommending your services to our friends and associates.

Excellent job, very thorough and knowledgeable
Mary S.

Very thorough, flexible.  Certainly looks out for the interest of the home buyer.  Would
highly recommend Scott.
Webster, NH

Scott falvey,

What a pleasure for us to have someone so thorough.  I have NEVER had someone do
an inspection that covered so well.  I can only thank you for saving me hundreds and
even thousands of dollars.  I know that with people like you on my side that I will get the
best house.

Statement after negotiations from inspection report findings.

We have gone ahead with the purchase and I am excited about it.  I do want you to
know that YOU saved us alot of money.  In fact they reduced the price of the house by
$20,000.00 because of the amount of damage to the property and the number of items
that needed repairing. We are very pleased with our inspection and would like to have
had you in our house inspection here in Maryland.  Let me know what the web site is
and I have people who are planning to move to New Hampshire and they will need an
inspector and you are my main choice.  thanks again.
Claremont, NH

On April 15, 2006 Scott inspected the home we were buying.  We found him to be both
professional and thorough.  He took time to answer all our questions and gave detailed
explanations on request.  He was also willing to make suggestions and give advice
regarding home repair and maintenance.  We were very satisfied with our home
Ethan and Suzanne
Lebanon, NH

I found your service thorough and reliable;-you kept appointments in a timely fashion,
did an unusually long review of the house and made sure everything was understood
by all parties, and stuck to your guns when necessary.
Newbury, NH

Wow, thank you for these super quick results. We were very pleased with the
thoroughness and detail taken with the home inspection and following report. Not only
was the report detailed, it was very clear, the color coding of items was helpful, and the
pictures were even edited to point out the exact issue shown! We will definately
recommend you to anyone we know who purchases a house in NH and will hire your
services again in the future.
Athol, MA

Dear Scott

After having been so incredibly impressed with your professionalism, work ethic and
knowledge I knew that I had to write you to thank you for your outstanding service.  On
3 occasions my husband and I had the pleasure to use your services.  The first
inspection you did for us was in March 2006.  You arrived promptly, came into the
home and changed your shoes so that you wouldn’t track anything into the home.  I
couldn’t believe it!  There are not many people out there that would take the time and
consideration to do something that small, but means so much.  After your very
thorough inspection, I knew that if I ever needed another home inspection or knew of
someone who did I would recommend you to the high heavens.

In the middle of the summer of 2006 it turned out that I did need another home
inspection and immediately I thought of you.  I called you and was surprised to find that
you remembered us!  You set the appointment for when I needed it, even though it
meant rescheduling not one, but two other appointments.  That right there confirmed
what I all ready knew; you were and still are a class act.  After this inspection the report
came back all my fears of the home were realized.  Though the real estate agent for
the seller tried to get me to see that this was a scary report and I couldn’t possibly
understand it all, because you had taken the time and the many pictures, I understood
it all PERFECTLY.  Your time and effort on that inspection alone saved my family lots
of money and heartache.

I then called you in late August to have you perform the third inspection.  By this time
you were an unofficial part of my extended family  Again you were able to
accommodate our date and time for the inspection, something I sincerely appreciate.
This time you said that we couldn’t lose out on this deal and we should move forward
with it.  Well thanks to you, we were able to and signed papers on our first ever home
on September 29, 2006.

Scott, words simply can’t convey what an excellent job you do.  You are just so
respectful and looking out for every detail that it boggles the mind.

Thank you for all that you have done for my family.
Grantham, NH

We could not be more pleased with the thorough and professional job done by Clear
View and Mr. Scott Falvey.  We received a 15 page report as complete and accurate
as any potential home buyer could want.  The scheduling was extremely
accommodating and he was right on time.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Scott
Falvey and Clear View Home Inspections to any potential buyer.  He works for you and
not the real estate agents!
Brent & Jessica
Lebanon, NH

I want to thank you for your services.  I have had several home inspections over the
last several years and I have never witnessed such a through inspection.  Most
inspections that I have been a part of took on average about 1.5 hours to complete,
your inspection  took almost 4 hours!  Your attention to detail is incredible.

You explained everything in simple to understand terms as well as pointing out items
that although were not perfect were just small maintenance issues and were explained
as such.  I am also impressed with your final written report, It’s very easy to follow and
understand and puts any/all issues in the proper prospective which I would think would
be extremely valuable to a first time home buyer.

I have already recommended your services to several other people in the area as I am
fully confidante that they would be as pleased as I am with your services.

Thanks again,
Hampstead, NH

Clear View Home Inspections provides an excellent service at a reasonable price.
Scott Falvey is responsive, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional in all aspects of
the service he provides.  I would recommend Clear View to anyone looking for a home
inspection and I plan to use Mr. Falvey again should the need arise.

Thanks again Scott.  Happy New Year and take care
Boscawen, NH

Thanks, I would highly recommend you to any one, I am very well satisfied.

John P
Chester, VT
Dear Scott,
Thank you very much for inspecting the house for us. We appreciate your prompt
response and hard work.
Hanover, NH